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  • Urdu1 Eid Special

    Urdu1 Eid Special

    This Eid get ready for a complete dose of entertainment because as promised Urdu1 brings you the best of the best. On the first day of Eid we bring you “Finding Fanny”, a movie filled with comedy and romance. After that we will bring you an exciting Eid special episode of ‘Urdu1’s MasterKitchen with Ammara”. A lavish Eid celebration like never before and you all can win sensational gift hampers by answering 6 questions that will be asked on the show! For all the music lovers out there we bring you “Mirchi Awards 2015“ a music show featuring the performances of all your favorite singers as well as actors.On the second day of Eid watch your favorite actor Salman Khan in “Kick”. In the second half we will bring you “Life OK Awards” an award show with all your favorite stars performing the show definitely will be a treat for you all. On the third and final day of Eid get ready to watch 2 blockbuster movies “Dabang 2” and “Roy”. So don’t forget to watch Urdu1 because we know just how to make your Eid special!

  • In the war between love and money someone has to pay the price:

    In the war between love and money someone has to pay the price:

    Agar ho sakay toh is a drama that depicts the harsh realities of life that one family faces. Some people say that money can’t buy all the happiness in the world but for Hasan it’s the opposite. Like every other person he dreams big to achieve things in life. He wants a lavish life for Manal and Bilal and wants to provide them with the best of everything. He’s got things sorted out but life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan. Hasan loses his job because of a jealous colleague and things start to fall apart. From having a completely blissful and content life the family loses everything. The grave repercussions of this one event leave a major impact on all of their lives. Manal who is shown as a supporting and understanding wife is forced to start working due to financial crises. With all of these tensions building up Manal and Hasan start arguing over petty issues at home because of which Bilal becomes disturbed and distressed. This drama talks about how difficult life can get when you don’t have enough money to fulfill the simplest of wants and desires. People watching this drama will surely connect with it because the way the story unfolds is heartwarming and will

  • For all the food enthusiast

    For all the food enthusiast

    A perfect meal isn’t just about taste anymore it’s also about how you present it and who you share it with. Urdu1’s Master kitchen with Ammara , a ramzan cooking show like no other. From mouth- watering cuisines to helpful tips regarding food this show has it all. We won’t only introduce you to celebrities but talk to them about their eating habits and provide you with all that you need to know about certain cuisines. So stay tuned to catch your favorite celebrities and learn new recipes every day.

  • For the sake of love! / Choosing Sides/ Daughter’s Love vs. Love of Life

    For the sake of love! / Choosing Sides/ Daughter’s Love vs. Love of Life

    With Jackson Heights coming near its end, the story is getting more complicated than ever before! The love triangle of Jamshed, Michelle and Rizwan is going through tremendous twists and turns. The men confront each other multiple times– Rizwan accuses Jamshed of using Michelle only to get a Green Card, whereas Jamshed claims that Rizwan is in love with Michelle and is scheming to stop their marriage. Rizwan threatens to report Jamshed to the police if he doesn’t reveal his true intentions to Michelle. That’s when Michelle steps in and things worsen for poor Rizwan. Jamshed uses this to his advantage and makes Michelle agree to an earlier date of marriage; he also reports Rizwan’s threat to the police, shunning Rizwan out of their life. On the other hand, Salma is in a confused state. Bhatti sahab is leaving for Pakistan because his mother’s in coma and has asked Salma to come along. Salma accepts the offer as she is determined to leave Sikandar and USA for Imran, but the thought of not being with Imaan gets to her. Will Salma leave her family for the love of her life or will Bhatti sahab be forced to leave without her? And will Michelle ever discover the truth about

  • Roller-coaster ride!

    Roller-coaster ride!

    Imran, who is now a permanent member of the Saleem household, continues to face ups and downs in his own family life. His mother, Naveen, skips town without informing Imran, leaving only a letter behind. Once he finds his mother, he faces another enormous turn in his life – his real father returns. Meanwhile, Mira’s love life is perfect, but her family life is in turmoil too. Her father, Farooq, divorces her mother, Noor. Noor, in distress, lashes out at Mira, asking her to leave with her father. On the other hand Sadaf, Asim Shakeeb’s daughter, is married to a guy she met in Las Vegas. Even though the couple decided to part ways, they still aren’t divorced. Asim Shakeeb gets furious at this act of marriage because it makes Sadaf’s so-called husband a lawful partner of Asim’s company! To top it off, Asim is in bad terms with his current partner, Saleem, who is looking to take revenge for the mess Asim got his wife Nida into. So many families are breaking down and going through exceptionally tough phases. Will their lives ever get back to normal? Keep watching the action-packed drama Aashiyana – Meri Mohabbat Ka!

  • To Hold On or to Let Go?

    To Hold On or to Let Go?

    We all know who the most loved character from Aashiyana - Meri Mohabbat Ka is. Yes, it’s none other than the hunky Imran! Far from his mother and brother, Imran is living a life completely in contrast to his real world. He seems to gel in well with the new crowd and lifestyle, and is extremely confident about himself. Mira means the world to him, and Imran is ready to confront anyone, who comes between them, especially Orkun. This exposes his possessive side one too many times, and things occasionally get out of hand, embarrassing Mira notably. To top it off, Mira’s mother is persistent in believing that Mira and Orkun are meant to be together, due to Orkun’s wealthy family background, and is brainwashing Imran to let go of Mira if he truly loves her. Will Imran pay heed to Mira’s mother or will he fight for Mira, fair and square? Don’t miss out on this sizzling love triangle and stay tuned to Aashiyana - Meri Mohabbat Ka!

  • Two Parallel Universes Collide

    Two Parallel Universes Collide

    This serial shows the perfect collision of two universes that are poles apart. Imran, a guy from a mediocre family, gets caught by the police for tagging along his brother in a stolen car. Due to no prior criminal record and Selim Serez - a good lawyer who does similar pro-bono cases - Imran is let off the hook. Soon after, he is kicked out of his house by his stepfather and mother, due to the sons needing constant rescuing, while the mother works hard to make ends meet.

    Selim hires him as a live-in gardener and is keen on guiding Imran because he sees his past in him and believes Imran has a bright future. Imran immediately makes friends with Mak, Selim’s introvert son, mingles with Selim’s crowd and develops a liking for their neighbor and family friend Mira. Imran soon realizes that this lifestyle wasn’t meant for him and leaves.

    With a mother in custody and a brother in jail, will Imran ever have a normal life? Will he take the right path or will he be lead astray in Mak’s glamorous world? With its sudden twists and turns, and action-packed plot, Aashiyana - Meri Mohabbat Ka is a must watch!

  • Can you marry your best friend?

    Can you marry your best friend?

    Is it a good idea to fall in love with your best friend? What if he/she refuses to accept you as more than a friend? Jackson Heights might just answer these perplexing questions in their upcoming episodes. Convinced that his birthday would act like a good luck charm, Rizwan proposes Michelle right when the clock strikes 12. His worst nightmare comes true when Michelle turns him down due to her ugly past. Will Rizwan and Michelle go back to being best friends - fooling themselves into believing that this never happened - or is this the end of an age-old friendship? Watch how Jackson Heights untangles this complicated real-life situation

  • Mai Soteli – Ali and Khadija Begum departed!

    Mai Soteli – Ali and Khadija Begum departed!

    Mai Soteli is getting even more thrilling and exciting than ever! The story takes a twisted turn as soon as Ali’s family receives news of Anaya expecting. The celebrations turn into mourning when Ali and Khadija Begum cross paths with a phone snatcher and on Ali’s resistance, end up getting shot in the chest. How will Anaya continue living her life without her supportive husband and a baby on the way? How far will Momal get with her evil schemes against her widowed sister? The next few episodes will unfold the nail-biting story of Mai Soteli, so stay tuned!

  • Badnaseeb Returns!

    Badnaseeb Returns!

    Badnaseeb is a unique and beautiful story of a girl, Narin, who struggled throughout her life but never gave up on her dreams. Her determination and ambition talks a lot about her strong character, even though she was abused and mistreated by her father, she never gave up on her studies and became a successful lawyer. In order to be a successful, she leaves everything behind, her family and her teenage love, Farhad . Narin only has Deniz, her best friend in her life, but Farhad returns in her life as Deniz’s sister’s boyfriend! Will Narin and Farhat re-unite? If they do, will it be unfair to Imrana? Let’s find out in the upcoming episodes of Badnaseeb!

  • Jackson Heights – Talk of the town!

    Jackson Heights – Talk of the town!

    Mehreen Jabbar’s latest production with an amazing cast and a catchy title song is making it impossible to wait till 19th September! All characters look unique, facing problems, struggling and trying to make their ends meet with random encounters. What will the story revolve around, and how will the characters meet each other, what will be their relationship? Let’s find out in the first episode that will be aired on Friday, 19th September at 9:00 pm.

  • Mere Hum Dum Mere Dost comes to an end!

    Mere Hum Dum Mere Dost comes to an end!

    A beautiful show comes to an end. With its love triangles, twists and turns, emotions and feelings, Mere Hum Dum Mere Dost touched our hearts. The ups and downs in Aimen’s life, her fear of Taufeeq never accepting her, her constantly under-estimating herself and then turning into a profound personality with Haider’s confidence in her, has made her an inspiration for many viewers. Haider helped her at every step in her life, he was always there to wipe off her tears making Aimen fall in love with him, but will Haider accept Aimen’s love or will he let her go for the sake of the society?

  • Wedding Bells Everywhere

    Wedding Bells Everywhere

    Wedding season is at its peak with houses decorated with lights, bridal salons running out of appointment time slots, bridal dresses with fresh colors and clothing styles, jewellery, shoes, wedding themes, halls beautifully decorated and a lot more. There are lists of weddings to attend these days, within family, friends, colleagues etc. This could be the perfect time for Rumi and Faris to get married too, with the entire buzz going around, don’t you think?

  • Congratulations Ammara

    Congratulations Ammara

    We congratulate Ammara Noman on becoming the first Pakistan’s MasterChef. She from the very beginning was devoted and extremely dedicated to cooking and winning this title. She has proven her mettle through various challenges and didn’t lose her focus at all. She truly deserves this title. She was in the top three in most of the challenges and did not accept defeat regardless how ruthless the challenges became. She was always an excellent team player and did her part very well. She truly deserves the title. She won 5 million from MasterChef Pakistan and we hope to see opening her own restaurant soon.

  • Semi Final

    Semi Final

    Time to see the toughest survive! Watch the Semi-Final this Saturday at 8pm only on Urdu1.

  • Good Bye Khuram!

    Good Bye Khuram!

    Known famously for being the most happy- go-lucky guy around with a jolly attitude in the MasterChef Pakistan kitchen. He created some great dishes, one of which earned him the rare moment of Chef Zakir saying ‘I love you’ to him. His spaghetti with meat balls got the judges to expend grand compliments. His presence will be dearly missed in the MasterChef Pakistan platform. We wish him all the best for his future.

  • Good news for all!

    Good news for all!

    We just don’t stop at keeping you happy, we are sure you agree. This week we found another new way to get you all excited. Coming to live video chat with all of you facebook fans is none other than Khurram Awan the king of presentations and immaculate cooking. Get to ask Khurram Awan interesting questions on 19th July at 4 pm only.

  • Good Bye Saad!

    Good Bye Saad!

    This week we sadly say goodbye to Saad Alavi, one of the most strongest contestant in the MasterChef Pakistan kitchen who was predicted by many to win the title itself. His passion for food and cooking was always appreciated. He lead his team to a grand victory in the very first outdoor challenge. Many times challenged by his fellow contestants but he always stood out. We wish to see him excel in his future. Follow Saad on his official Facebook fan page:

    Click Here

  • Good news for all!

    Good news for all!

    Revealing the big surprise for all you wonderful fans of MasterChef Pakistan. We will have with us, for a live video chat session none other than the charming judge, Chef Mehboob! You will get the chance to ask questions in a live video chat on Saturday at 4pm from Chef Mehboob and get to know how he got to be one of the most renowned Chefs in Pakistan! MasterChef Pakistan official facebook page

    Click Here

  • Good news for all!

    Good news for all!

    For all of those people who missed out on the exciting episodes of MasterChef Pakistan, consider yourself Lucky! Rejoice, as now we will be showing you all the episodes of MasterChef Pakistan! To watch the episodes,

    Click Here

  • Good Bye Mariam

    Good Bye Mariam

    One of the only female captain who lead her team in to an exceptional victory in an outdoor challenge, where she even fainted but that didn’t stop her from giving an outstanding performance. She was in the top three as well. Also known for her sweet nature Mariam will be missed by many of us. Her departure left a void in MasterChef Pakistan. We will miss her truly.

  • Eliminated Contestant

    Eliminated Contestant

    Her smile and care free laugh lit up everyone’s mood, her bubbly persona made her one of the most favorite contestants of all. She made unbelievable gulab jamuns and muffins which marked her as the queen of desserts. She is Iqra Yasin whose journey came to an end with MasterChef Pakistan last night. She will truly be missed by many. We wish her all the best in all her future endeavors. You can follow Iqra on her official Facebook page

    Iqra Yaseen Facebook

  • Good Bye Sidrah

    Good Bye Sidrah

    She with her honest smile and simplicity entered the MasterChef Pakistan journey and stood out in the top five with her dish competing with hard core contestants. Her passion for cooking was further ignited with each challenge unfortunately she got eliminated in the last challenge. At such an age we know Sidrah has a long way to go. She will be missed and remembered by many. We wish her all the best for her future.

  • Good Bye Azam

    Good Bye Azam

    A calm personality, a doting father and a Golf buff. Azam started his MasterChef Dream forsaking his comfortable job for the love of food .Recently he was in the top five in a challenge. However, his journey ended last night with MasterChef Pakistan. His passion for food is still intact and leaves us with better knowledge of food. We wish Azam all the very best. Like Azam's Fan page for more insights

    Azam's Facebook

  • Eliminated Contestant

    Eliminated Contestant

    Muddasir: One of the quietest and calmest person on the show. He impressed the judges with his cooking and made it to the top three in the very first episode, never been in the bottom three either. His journey with Master Chef Pakistan came to a halt but his passion for cooking is ever green. He leaves us with many memories and will be much missed.Stay in touch with Muddasir and get to know him personally.

    Muddasir's Facebook

  • Good Bye Aneela

    Good Bye Aneela

    She entered the competition leaving behind her daughter who also had tried to get the MasterChef Pakistan apron but Aneela clearly stood out. She was in the bottom three but made an impressive comeback and fought her way in to the top. She stood out with her courage, confidence and those exhilarating screams, which will leave their echoes on the MasterChef Pakistan platform.

  • MasterChef Pakistan

    MasterChef Pakistan

    He entered the MasterChef Pakistan auditions with a bang leaving the judges grinning and the audience thrilled. He was the youngest contestant, Ali Shah and he made his mark further with his bluntness his ‘accidental dish’. With upcoming challenges he plunged in to more accidents that weren’t as good as his first one. Then happened what left many shocked, he was eliminated. This was not, however the only twist this week. Much loved by the other contestants who cried on his departure was none other than Adnan Qureshi. Both contestants however left on positive making memories, learning the art of articulate cooking and falling in love with cooking all over again.

  • MasterChef Pakistan

    MasterChef Pakistan

    The wait is finally over! Watch MasterChef Pakistan every Saturday & Sunday starting from 3rd May, 8:00 pm . The first MasterChef Pakistan will get a prize of 5 million and a recipe book! Let the show begin.

  • Entertainment at its best

    Entertainment at its best

    Get ready to experience the best TV dramas with the best entertainment formats only on Urdu1 with our all new 7 days, 7 shows daily at 9 PM. Watch the best shows like Karadayi, Kuzey Guney, Khaali haath, Budnaseeb and many more.

  • 7 Days 7 Shows

    7 Days 7 Shows

    Karadayi, Kuzey Guney, Ishq, Khaali Haath, Budnaseeb, Mere humdum mere dost and Nijaat, coming to your TV screen to make your nights more fun, entertaining and exciting. So are you ready to be entertained?

  • MasterChef Pakistan – Expressing Yourself

    MasterChef Pakistan – Expressing Yourself

    No wonder they say cooking is the expression that wins many hearts. Ali Baloch from Karachi states that cooking has helped him explore himself and MasterChef Pakistan is helping him express his passion and make his dream come true.

  • Don’t wait, Join Now!

    Don’t wait, Join Now!

    Asma Khan from Karachi states that now there is no reason for anyone to not come, because MasterChef Pakistan is not limited to outside Pakistan only, now come show your best and become a MasterChef Pakistan!

  • Delicacies all over Port Grand

    Delicacies all over Port Grand

    Grilled chicken, chicken fajita, sweet tarts, Arabian Humus and lots more, definitely the most scrumptious weekend at Port Grand in Karachi at MasterChef Pakistan!

  • Urdu1 Rocks Karachi

    Urdu1 Rocks Karachi

    Huma Faisal from Karachi states that the environment was very friendly organized and well planned. Urdu1 has done a tremendous job in bring out the best from the people of Karachi to exhibit their culinary skills.

  • Another Big One by Urdu1

    Another Big One by Urdu1

    Mahir can not rest until he seeks justice for his father, who was wrongly accused of a murder. While he joins the court as a trainee lawyer to fight his father’s case, fate finds him taking its own course. He stands at a cross road where he must choose between an impossible love and justice for his father.

    Karayadi, a series based on the story of the quest for justice and love, is one of the biggest shows in the Turkish drama history.

    Watch this fascinating story unfold as it takes you back to the magical Turkey of the 1970s with all its charm and mystical aura. The city of Istanbul beautifully portrayed to depict the historical splendor of the place and its enchanting people.

    Urdu1 presents Karayadi - a tale of love, drama and action, featuring Kenan Imirzalioglu the biggest star of Turkey as Mahir and the beautiful Berguzar Korey as Feride.

    Karyadi started on 2nd January 2014 and gets aired every day at 9:00 PM; don’t miss out on this epic series - an absolute treat for drama lovers!

  • Hallil’s obsession or vengeance!

    Hallil’s obsession or vengeance!

    Halil’s obsession takes him to the extent where he forgot everything and starts chasing Fariha after running away from mental hospital. Halil could not handle rejection from Fariha and didn’t think for a minute before shooting Zehra. Is he actually mad or acting to escape from punishment? No one is aware of his actual state of mind and plans…will he be able to kidnap Feriha and take her away from Amir, forever. Can’t wait to miss the new turn in story? Watch Feriha daily at everyday 9pm!

  • Is Halil permanently out of Fariha and Amir’s way?

    Is Halil permanently out of Fariha and Amir’s way?

    After the recent unfortunate event of Amir’s accident, Fariha realizes that he needs her the most. In this stance, it is not easy for Fariha to manage things between family and Halil. She finally meets Halil and simply told him that she can’t continue with this relation and returned the engagement ring. We all believe it will never be easy for Halil to get over this shock but we wish Good luck to Halil. After getting rid of this relation, will Fariha ever be able to tell her reality to Amir? To know more keep watching Fariha daily at 9pm only on Urdu 1

  • Eid Special - DABANG 2

    Eid Special - DABANG 2

    Block Buster DABANG 2 with your all-time favorite entertainer & Super-cop CULBUL PANDAY and his love chemistry with SONAKSHI on 2nd DAY of Eid, along with your hot favorite FATIMA GUL & KARIM Special episode, Two DAYS of Eid nonstop 8 hours from 9am. Our uninterrupted entertainment dose doesn’t ends here watch, 2 7hours nonstop special episode of the most fascinating drama serial ISHQ E MAMNO, a story of love, passion, heartbreak and deception. So stay tuned into URDU1 and celebrates your best moments with us.

  • Eid Special - ‘HAJI

    Eid Special - ‘HAJI

    Increase your excitement and celebrate ‘Excellent Festive Entertainment’ all 3 days of Eid with URDU 1. Catch Best Turkish action & Suspense premier of ‘HAJI’ on 1st DAY of Eid.

  • Will Guney and Cemre ever come close again?

    Will Guney and Cemre ever come close again?

    Finally Bano has successfully been able to create differences between Guney and Cemre. Guney is also under her spell. Cemre is left alone with no work in her hands. Kuzey is also devastated by the situation but he can’t take any step due to his financial constraints…will Kuzey take advantage of the situation and express his feelings to Cemre? Is Cemre also attracted towards Kuzey? Or Guney will realize his mistake and come back to Cemre? To know more, keep watching Kuzey Guney, every Monday to Friday at 9pm & Saturday & Sunday at 8 pm, only on Urdu 1

  • Ishq e Mamnu - The LEGEND is BACK! Or “prepare yourself for an entertainment overdose!”

    Ishq e Mamnu - The LEGEND is BACK! Or “prepare yourself for an entertainment overdose!”

    Wake up people your favorite show is on-air …Good news for all crazy fans & those who missed to watch blockbuster Ishq e Mamnu, now catch your favorite drama every Monday to Friday 10pm only on URDU1

  • What fate holds for Affifa!!

    What fate holds for Affifa!!

    Here comes up the most exciting turn in the story when Sabtain proposed Afifa, as he has never come across such an innocent and simple lady in his life. The way Afifia rejects him and maintained distance appealed him most. Despite of having feelings for him she has to say NO as she can’t compromise on her father’s teachings. The situation become more engaging when Amma Bee planned to take Afifa’s proposal for Ashar. Who will be Khawar’s choice? ASHAR or SABTAIN? Would he accept the proposal from his rivals? Keep watching KOHAR

  • Dulha Bhai on his way!

    Dulha Bhai on his way!

    Now laugh out louder, the famous Nabeel & Shahnaaz will soon be on the screen again to evolve your giggling world more with some blasting and ever-remembering funniest scenes .Their Intellecting tricks and hilarious in-house confusion will lead the series to more inquisitiveness. DULHA BHAI Coming Soon only on Urdu1!



    As of late, however, there has been another TV show that has been gathering audiences just as Humsafar. It´s Urdu 1´s newbie Ishq-e-Memnu (forbidden love). Set in the beautiful locales of Istanbul, the drama revolves around the lives of business tycoon Adnan Ziyagil, Bihter (Adnan´s beautiful young wife) and Adnan´s nephew, Behlul.



    Urdu 1 was the most watched entertainment channel in the last week of August 2012 during the prime time slot (7:00pm to 12:00am), beating the well-established and bigger channels like Hum TV, Geo TV and ARY Digital.

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