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Get ready to experience the best TV dramas with the best entertainment formats only on Urdu1 with our all new 7 days, 7 shows daily at 9 PM. Watch the best shows like Karadayi, Kuzey Guney, Khaali haath, Budnaseeb and many more.

7 Days 7 Shows

Karadayi, Kuzey Guney, Ishq, Khaali Haath, Budnaseeb, Mere humdum mere dost and Nijaat, coming to your TV screen to make your nights more fun, entertaining and exciting. So are you ready to be entertained?

MasterChef Pakistan – Expressing Yourself

No wonder they say cooking is the expression that wins many hearts. Ali Baloch from Karachi states that cooking has helped him explore himself and MasterChef Pakistan is helping him express his passion and make his dream come true.

Don’t wait, Join Now!

Asma Khan from Karachi states that now there is no reason for anyone to not come, because MasterChef Pakistan is not limited to outside Pakistan only, now come show your best and become a MasterChef Pakistan!

Delicacies all over Port Grand

Grilled chicken, chicken fajita, sweet tarts, Arabian Humus and lots more, definitely the most scrumptious weekend at Port Grand in Karachi at MasterChef Pakistan!

Urdu1 Rocks Karachi

Huma Faisal from Karachi states that the environment was very friendly organized and well planned. Urdu1 has done a tremendous job in bring out the best from the people of Karachi to exhibit their culinary skills.

Another Big One by Urdu1

Mahir can not rest until he seeks justice for his father, who was wrongly accused of a murder. While he joins the court as a trainee lawyer to fight his father’s case, fate finds him taking its own course. He stands at a cross road where he must choose between an impossible love and justice for his father.

Karayadi, a series based on the story of the quest for justice and love, is one of the biggest shows in the Turkish drama history.

Watch this fascinating story unfold as it takes you back to the magical Turkey of the 1970s with all its charm and mystical aura. The city of Istanbul beautifully portrayed to depict the historical splendor of the place and its enchanting people.

Urdu1 presents Karayadi - a tale of love, drama and action, featuring Kenan Imirzalioglu the biggest star of Turkey as Mahir and the beautiful Berguzar Korey as Feride.

Karyadi started on 2nd January 2014 and gets aired every day at 9:00 PM; don’t miss out on this epic series - an absolute treat for drama lovers!

Hallil’s obsession or vengeance!

Halil’s obsession takes him to the extent where he forgot everything and starts chasing Fariha after running away from mental hospital. Halil could not handle rejection from Fariha and didn’t think for a minute before shooting Zehra. Is he actually mad or acting to escape from punishment? No one is aware of his actual state of mind and plans…will he be able to kidnap Feriha and take her away from Amir, forever. Can’t wait to miss the new turn in story? Watch Feriha daily at everyday 9pm!

Is Halil permanently out of Fariha and Amir’s way?

After the recent unfortunate event of Amir’s accident, Fariha realizes that he needs her the most. In this stance, it is not easy for Fariha to manage things between family and Halil. She finally meets Halil and simply told him that she can’t continue with this relation and returned the engagement ring. We all believe it will never be easy for Halil to get over this shock but we wish Good luck to Halil. After getting rid of this relation, will Fariha ever be able to tell her reality to Amir? To know more keep watching Fariha daily at 9pm only on Urdu 1

Eid Special - DABANG 2

Block Buster DABANG 2 with your all-time favorite entertainer & Super-cop CULBUL PANDAY and his love chemistry with SONAKSHI on 2nd DAY of Eid, along with your hot favorite FATIMA GUL & KARIM Special episode, Two DAYS of Eid nonstop 8 hours from 9am. Our uninterrupted entertainment dose doesn’t ends here watch, 2 7hours nonstop special episode of the most fascinating drama serial ISHQ E MAMNO, a story of love, passion, heartbreak and deception. So stay tuned into URDU1 and celebrates your best moments with us.

Eid Special - ‘HAJI

Increase your excitement and celebrate ‘Excellent Festive Entertainment’ all 3 days of Eid with URDU 1. Catch Best Turkish action & Suspense premier of ‘HAJI’ on 1st DAY of Eid.

Will Guney and Cemre ever come close again?

Finally Bano has successfully been able to create differences between Guney and Cemre. Guney is also under her spell. Cemre is left alone with no work in her hands. Kuzey is also devastated by the situation but he can’t take any step due to his financial constraints…will Kuzey take advantage of the situation and express his feelings to Cemre? Is Cemre also attracted towards Kuzey? Or Guney will realize his mistake and come back to Cemre? To know more, keep watching Kuzey Guney, every Monday to Friday at 9pm & Saturday & Sunday at 8 pm, only on Urdu 1

Ishq e Mamnu - The LEGEND is BACK! Or “prepare yourself for an entertainment overdose!”

Wake up people your favorite show is on-air …Good news for all crazy fans & those who missed to watch blockbuster Ishq e Mamnu, now catch your favorite drama every Monday to Friday 10pm only on URDU1

What fate holds for Affifa!!

Here comes up the most exciting turn in the story when Sabtain proposed Afifa, as he has never come across such an innocent and simple lady in his life. The way Afifia rejects him and maintained distance appealed him most. Despite of having feelings for him she has to say NO as she can’t compromise on her father’s teachings. The situation become more engaging when Amma Bee planned to take Afifa’s proposal for Ashar. Who will be Khawar’s choice? ASHAR or SABTAIN? Would he accept the proposal from his rivals? Keep watching KOHAR

Dulha Bhai on his way!

Now laugh out louder, the famous Nabeel & Shahnaaz will soon be on the screen again to evolve your giggling world more with some blasting and ever-remembering funniest scenes .Their Intellecting tricks and hilarious in-house confusion will lead the series to more inquisitiveness. DULHA BHAI Coming Soon only on Urdu1!


As of late, however, there has been another TV show that has been gathering audiences just as Humsafar. It´s Urdu 1´s newbie Ishq-e-Memnu (forbidden love). Set in the beautiful locales of Istanbul, the drama revolves around the lives of business tycoon Adnan Ziyagil, Bihter (Adnan´s beautiful young wife) and Adnan´s nephew, Behlul.


Urdu 1 was the most watched entertainment channel in the last week of August 2012 during the prime time slot (7:00pm to 12:00am), beating the well-established and bigger channels like Hum TV, Geo TV and ARY Digital.

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