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Ayaat is a story of a confident, bold and blunt girl named Ayaat, who has returned from the US taking a break off from her semester. She has a supportive family but to a limited extent. On her return to back home, she encountered her younger brother’s college fellow, Wamiq- an arrogant spoilt brat. Parallel to the plot Ayaat, the antagonist, has an admirer, Salman, his distant relative.

Upon Wamiq’s misbehaving, Ayaat ends up slapping him and resulting into Ayaat’s kidnapping as a revenge from Wamiq. After the kidnapping, Wamiq offers her two options to either rape her or a marital rape after the wedlock. Ayaat hesitantly agrees to the later. After the marital rape, he burns the marriage papers, threatening the man who read their Nikkah to be silent, leaving Ayaat with no evidence of her marriage and a characterless woman.

Meanwhile, the cops suspect Salman on Ayaat’s kidnapping, however when Ayaat reaches home with her side of the story, Salman is released and the family finds out Ayaat is pregnant with Wamiq’s child and disowns her. Struggling for her right, Ayaat approaches the court and fights for her justice, however she loses the case. Post the court series, Wamiq gets attracted to her confidence and holds a press conference confessing all his acts, accepting to be the father of her unborn child and proposes her. On the other hand, Wamiq’s mom is an influential social worker, who runs an NGO and the rug is swept below her feet when her reputation is at stake; she request Ayaat to get married to his son and save their name. Further heating the case, Ayaat refuses to marry Wamiq and stands for a divorce which also leads to Ayaat’s father tragic death out of lament. Following into emotions and series of event, she agrees to marry him. Love blossoms, her son earned his father’s name, the life gets better which irks Begum Nawazish, Wamiq’s mother, unfolding to Ayaat how she tricked her into marrying him only to save her own reputation. She again, asks for divorce and relocates to her mother’s residence. Wamiq approaches her and confesses his love, pleading to understand his love to which Ayaat reciprocates and as a security demand all the riches and inheritance to be named on her son, demands Wamiq to be sentenced to jail instead of her mother in law for deceiving. Wamiq agrees to all her conditions and then finally Ayaat accepts him wholeheartedly, calling all her conditions as a trial of love, leaving the past behind and they live happily ever after.



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