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The story is about a young struggling singer “Waleed” who is a carefree fellow and his only aspiration is to become a singer and launch his own album. He is always keeps asking for money from his cousins who are next door neighbors too. He has a close friend “Sabih” who is also a struggling singer but doesn’t fall close to singing, he is also saving money for his album but he exploits Waleed;s talent for it. He makes Waleed sing on Wedding functions and keeps half of his talent fee.

Waleed is step son of his mom, while his father and original mom died in a car accident. despite being step son, he is a pampered kid and his mother keeps in more dear than her original son “Aabis” who is elder than Waleed. But Waleed keeps telling it to everyone that since he is Step Son he has to face discrimination

The next door neighbors are Waleed’s younger sister and her family her Husband, Shamama and Usama. Shamama is a young energetic full of life girl. both Usama and Shamama keeps ridiculing Waleed as he keeps asking both of them for money all the time and looking for food in their home and a regular visitor to their house. Yet Shamama has feelings for Waleed

Noor is another main character of the story and co incidentally she has a step mother and two step sisters. Her father married her step mom after her original mom passed away. Noor is Beauty with Brains. She is great in her studies and prettier than her two sisters. Her innocent looks makes her more adorable. The family is middle class though and despite her strong wish to become a doctor her father really cannot afford her further studies

Its now when Noor’s results were withheld as she was close to position holders, meanwhile she gets a proposal of a Software engineer based in Dubai. Her step mom now feels jealous of her as she thinks that this proposal should have been for her own daughter. Noor’smom now influences her husband to send Noor to her Taya’s house which is Shamama and Usama’s father

Noor is now shifted to an urban city, she becomes friends with Shamama and gels well in family because of her caring nature. Now Waleed and Noor starts developing the affair. Shamama starts realizing the affection between them and she is not very happy with the recent developments. Time passes Noor becomes doctor, Waleed becomes a singer differences leads to distances and now they meet at Shamama’s wedding after a long time and finally confessions happens.