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They say it isn’t love if you haven’t given every bit of yourself away, such is the story of Bisma, who is all ready to marry her family friend Ali but the love and romance she had always been dreaming of is missing from this bond. Love knocks at the door of her life at the wrong time when she comes face to face with Shehriyar, a young, full of life photographer,who is himself unaware that this meeting will turn around their lives forever. For Sherry, it was love at first sight, but for Bisma, it could be nothing more as she is not only a soon to be bride but is also the daughter of an over protective , yet loving father who has his eyes on every movement. Sherry has decided that he will get through to Bisma in any way possible as by chance Ali turns out to be his old friend, but little did Shehriyar know that Bisma is to become Ali’s bride. Shehriyar’s attempts are melting Bisma’s heart and she fears that she might not be able to survive without this man who has changed her life’s map forever. Beinteha is a journey of love, of sacrifice, and the reality that no matter what, life has to go on till its destined to end.