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Adil is a middle-aged successful businessman. He has a good marital life and his children are all married. Adil’s wife is suddenly dead and it is an unbearable loss for the whole family. His children are busy in their lives and want Adil to re-marry so he is taken care of. Our heroine Hina is a lower-middle class young 22 year old who works a small job to take care of her family. Babar and Hina are interested in each other. Babar asks Hina that after their marriage she would not take care of her family. Hina can not leave her family like this so she says no to Babar. Situation is created where Adil is married to Hina. This news does not go well with Adil’s family and everyone turns against Adil and we see their true faces. Situation further gets worse when they both have a kid. Although Adil is a good husband but differences come forth cause of their age difference but still to the end with differences Adil stays a good husband. Suddenly Adil dies and Adil’s family turns against Hina and her life becomes living hell because of them. Sarmad who is Adil’s friend and partner stands with Hina’. Hina’s good personality and character makes all family members come close and in the end we show a happy ending.




Is Hina’s pregnancy an embarrassment for Adil?

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