Fatmagül is a girl who lives in a village on the Aegean coast with her brother who runs a dairy. She is engaged to marry a fisherman Mustafa Nalçalı in a months time and dreams of getting away from her nagging sister-in-law who hates her. Kerim Ilgaz is a well mannered blacksmith apprentice who lives with his aunt Meryem Aksoy known affectionately as ‘Ebe Nine’ who is a healer of herbal medicine. The big event of the season is the engagement of the area’ rich and influential businessman Reşat Yaşaran’ son Selim to the politician Turaner Alagöz’ daughter Meltem. Kerim meets up with his old friends Vural, Erdoğan and the Selim. After the engagement party, all four of them go on a drinking and drug binge to celebrate. Fatmagül is off to see Mustafa off on another fishing trip and accidentally comes across them. Erdoğan, Selim and Vural gang-rape her, with Kerim passed out with no recollection of the event. A traumatized Fatmagül is later discovered the next morning by Ebe Nine while she is picking her herbs.

As the town go into an uproar over the rape incident, Kerim accepts the blame and agrees to marry Fatmagül as he mistakenly believes himself to be guilty and in order to protect his friends. As a result Fatmagül and Kerim’ families sell their properties and move to İstanbul to start a new life. But things become complicated due to the machinations of the Yaşaran and their unscrupulous lawyer Münir Telci who seek to protect themselves as well as Mustafa who seeks revenge.


Fatmagul, Kerim Ilgaz, Meryem Aksoy, Mustafa Nalcali, Yasaran and Munir Telci


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