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Nejat is a young an successful man living with his little daughter Mahira. Nejat’s greatest love and wife Aylin, left the house after Mahira was born because she wasn’t ready to take responsibilities. Since that day, she never called and nobody knows where she is. Nejat was devastated, but managed to overcome his pain by devoting himself to Mahira, his only joy in life. Mahira owns everything she wants: Nejat does everything to make her happy and gets her anything she wants. The only thing he can’t afford, is a mother… Mahira constantly asks where her mother is, and Nejat lies to her telling that she’s working in social projects in Africa. He even writes Mahira letters and signs them as her mother. Mahira starts school and as she sees the mothers of her friends, her questions and longing become stronger. Nejat suddenly remembers that years ago he wrote Mahira as her mother and told her that she will be back on her sixth birthday. He remembers this as her birthday approaches and thinks of ways to tell her the painful truth.

On the other hand Suna, is a young woman and daughter of Şevket who runs a local café. She’s very close to realizing her long-time dream: She will re-open her late mother’s pastry shop to keep her mother’s memory alive. But because her brother Rafet gets into trouble for a debt he didn’t pay, they’re about to lose all their assets. While the family broods over to find a solution, Nejat who is searching for a place to shoot his new commercial, drops by the café. But Suna misunderstands his intentions and she shoos him away, believing him to be a property speculator. Later she finds out who he really is and regrets what she did. She wants to apologize to Nejat and goes to see him but that night Nejat is preoccupied with how to tell Mahira the truth. He has no time to bother with Suna, but she doesn’t want to give up easily to make him forgive her. Everything gets out of control and Suna has to spend the night in Nejat’s house. The next day Mahira sees Suna and thinks she’s her mother! Suna and Nejat are unable to tell her the truth and they suddenly find themselves playing house. Suna becomes a temporary “rental mom” and in exchange, Nejat will pay off her debts. As they keep up with the game, their lie gets only worst…