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Drama Serial Be Aib revolves around heroine Tooba’s mother Sadaf. She is a rich and high standard woman who does not compromise on her standards. She likes everything to be flawless. Traditional & light love story of Tooba and her cousin Taimur also included in Be Aib. They like each other because of Taimur’s high standard Sadaf gets both of them engaged. Sadaf does not like her middle class brother Safi. Safi has 2 children Ahmed & Anaya. Ahmed in his heart has liking for Tooba and Anaya has a black mark on her face, which becomes hurdle in her marriage. The story of Be Aib turns when Taimur in an accident gets his leg injured and becomes limp. Sadaf breaks the engagement because of that. Both of the family relations fall apart because of this. Due to Taimur’s depression his parents gets him married to Anaya. For Taimur it becomes difficult to accept Anaya. On the other side Sadaf gets Tooba married to an American businessman Fawad. Right after marriage Sadaf find out about Fawad’s first marriage and wants Tooba to take divorce from him. Before getting a divorce Fawad dies in an accident. Now Taimur and Tooba are both unhappy in their lives and this all is because of sad. At this point Ahmed enters into Tooba’s life but Sadaf is against it and it turns worst. After many twists and turns sadaf realize that she is the one who is ruining everyone’s life. In the end she decides that she will let her daughter make her own decisions




Is it right for Taimur to give extra attention to Tooba

Make your selection from the following options

Yes, it is professional duty
No, they had past and he is now married to Anaya
A little, Anaya is overreacting