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It is about an invigorating love story that changes everything with just one bet. It revolves around 4 friends; Sameer (Jibran syed), Momal( Ayesha khan), Ifrooz (Nida) and Emad (Daniah Taimoor). After getting married Momal and Sameer moved abroad while the other couple Ifrooz and Emad stayed in Karachi. Due to Sameer’s erratic personality, Momal moves back to Karachi where she starts living with Ifrooz and Emad.Ifrooz\‘s love and belief in Emaad coupled with Moomal\‘s perception about men tempts her to place a bet with Ifrooz. She challenges Ifrooz that she will convert her faith into disbelief. Meanwhile Sameer returns back to make all this into an unimaginable twist. Will Momal win the bet or will Sameer finds his love back?