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Dajiah’s journey toward a fresh start commenced with a drastic attempt to leave her past behind. Fleeing from her previous life, she sought to end her own existence by leaping off a bridge. However, her attempt, much like her other attempts, ended in failure, and she survived. Upon awakening in the hospital, she seized the opportunity to start afresh and convinced the doctors that she has lost her memory.

Moved by Dajiah’s situation, police detective Erdem extended a helping hand by inviting her to stay with his family until her memory returned. Though initially concerned about living with a stranger, Dajiah accepted his offer as an escape from her past, finding herself suddenly residing in a household with three young children.

Erdem’s children, given the loss of their mother, were always assured of their father’s love. Hence, upon Dajiah’s arrival, they welcomed her with open arms. However, the sentiment wasn’t entirely reciprocated by Dajiah. Despite feeling overwhelmed by Erdem’s family, she found herself with no choice but to stay with them.

Spending more time with Erdem and his children, and receiving the love and care she had long been lacking in her life, Dajiah became Ujala.

Regrettably, Dajiah’s past was destined to catch up with her and a secret Erdem has been keeping even from those closest to him comes to light. The revelation of this secret had the potential to cause devastation for everyone involved.