Manahil is a young orphan girl who Jives with her uncle’s family. Her uncle Adil and his wife Naureen treat her like thei r own daughter. Adi l ‘s real daughter Neelam is also very fond of Manahil.

One day Adil’s family accidentl y meets with a young tycoon Khayam and his family. Despite being rich and very successful Khayam has a vacuum in his heart. He has a tormented past. His father committed suicide after Khayam ‘s mom left them for her lover. He has developed a fear of Jove and despite all the efforts of his elder sister and brother in law he is not read y to get married. His encounter with the innocent and lovely Manahil makes a great impression on him. It is love at first sight for him but Khayam is reluctant to admit it.

Meekal who is the son of Ad il ‘s childhood friend comes to Pakistan for an engineering Job. Because of his jolly and gregarious nature he becomes part of Adil’s family. Soon, Meckal falls for Manahil. The attraction proves to be mutual. Before things go to another level Manahil becomes aware of her cousin Neelam’s infatuation with Meekal. Since Manahil feels indebted to the family she distances herself from Meekal.

In the meanwhile, Khayam’s family asks for Manahil’s hand in marriage for him. Manahil does not agree.

Neelam becomes aware that Meekal and Manahil are actuall y madly in love with each other. She becomes consumed with jealousy and asks for her mother’s help. Naurin, a pious woman, has always treated Manahil as her own daughter but filial love for her own real daughter overcomes the virtue of piety and she compels Adil to accept Khayam ‘s proposal for Manahil.

Meekal goes back to USA and in his absence Manahil gets married with Khayam. Manahi l attempts suicide on her wedd ing night but eventuall y saved by Khayam. Khayam decides to find Manahil’s lover and unite them. In the meanwhile Khayam’s estranged mother , who is term inally ill comes back to Pakistn to spend last few days with his son. She becomes ver y fond of Manahil. For her sake, Khayam keeps postponing to look for Manhil ‘s lover. During that time Manahil gets attached with him qnd understands him more and more. He is loving, kind and selfless. She is an eastern girl and considers the institution of marriage as very sacred. She tries to forget her love.

Finally, things start looking bright for the couple, but to Manahil’s dismay one day Khayam takes her to Meekal’s place and leaves her there. Meekal realizes that Manahil does not love him anymore. He offers her to take back to her husband . They found Khayam in a hospital. Manahil was not aware that Khayam has been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor. On hi s death bed he expresses h is desire for Manhil and Meekal tp get married after his depmiure.