Pakistani Film Industry is going through a renaissance. Keeping the spirit of the renaissance alive and to support and contribute to this revival URDU 1 PICTURES was conceived January 2016. URDU1 PICTURES established itself as one of the premiere film companies of Pakistan in September 2016 with the release of the biggest Pakistani film of the year and second highest grossing Pakistani film ever; Actor in Law. A sense of pride and achievement for URDU1 PICTURES.

URDU1 PICTURES has now firmly placed itself as one of the leading Film Distribution Companies of Pakistan and is eager to build on this solid platform from here onwards to becoming the leading Film Company in the country.

URDU1 PICTURES is currently providing services in Film Productions, Film Distribution and Marketing.

URDU1 PICTURES is determined to build on its strong launch and endeavours to nurture the screens of Pakistani cinema with stories of the land, highlighting the culture, veritably making everyone more connected to their roots and identity.