The heartwarming story of Emaan, a simple girl from small town, she dreams big and desires to make her mark in the field of Journalism. Her dream takes her to Lahore where she ended up becoming Tutor of two spoiled teenagers, Sajila and Rida. It’s not long before she realizes that achieving her ultimate goal comes at the price of being close to family, sacrificing on principles and losing love of her life. As the story advances, it will take viewer on the roller-coaster ride of emotions and suspense.

Will Emaan ever be able to win the trust and love of Sajila and Rida?

Will she establish herself as a renowned journalist?

Will Emaan get back love of her life?

Will Sajil and Rida accept Emaan as their Guardian?

Will the bond between two sisters be affected by their common lover?

Will Rida sacrifice her love for Sajila?

And finally how will Emaan react after finding that her ex. Fiance is Sajila’s boyfriend?