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Story of Daayan Mohana who kills people to remain young. She had captured Mridul with her evil sight, who belonged to the Rathod family. Their marriage gave them Ansh and Kajal.. After the death of Mridul, Mohana was revealed by Divya. She burnt Mohana and became frozen in stone but Mohana as a Daayan, her evil eye (Nazar) will never leave their family. Vedashree adopted Ansh and Kajal.

18 years later, Ansh and Kajal had cousins, Rishi and Neha. Ansh may look like a normal human being but as the Daayan’s son, he has some supernatural powers, which is called the Daavansh. A priest told them that a girl can save Ansh from Daayan, who had a Goddess Durga’s birth mark. Piya has that mark on her shoulder, which works like an Amulet on the other side Mohana had send her puppet, a Daayan, Ruby in Ansh’s life If Ruby marries Ansh then Mohana could return in everybody lifes.