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This story is based on the revenge of a mother, who was never accepted by her in-laws because of her different background even her husband, Shiraazi is disowned by the family and they are deprived of all property. As a result, Zakia uses her daughter, Malaika to take revenge against her in-laws. She uses her innocence and beauty to first win the heart of their Son-In-Law (Behroz Sabzwari) and then she plants her in their home as a tutor. Malaika wins everyone’s heart in no time. Everything is going smoothly and according to plan until she actually falls in love with one of her cousin, Khurram. This was not part of Zakias plan and so she is completely against it. When Shiraaz’s family comes to their home to talk about Malaika and Khurrums wedding she insults them. Malika soon realizes that her mother was using her as a tool to take revenge. She then takes it upon herself to fix her mother’s mistakes and manages to fix everything. In the end, Shiraaz’s family accepts Malaika and they live happily ever after.