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This story is inspired by beauty & the beast but adapted into Pakistani context.

Nayla is very beautiful but selfish and self-centred girl. In life she wants the best and praises beauty a lot. She likes her very handsome cousin Zami. But Zami is interested in her little sister. When Nayla finds this out she feels very insulted and tells her younger sister not to marry Zami.

Nayla gets a proposal from a very rich family. Nayla says yes for Ahmed after looking at his younger brother who is very handsome. But on wedding day she meets Ahmed who is below average looking and does not meet her standard. From that day she starts hating him and also is very rude to her in laws who are very nice to her.

Ahmed and the in laws do their best to keep her happy but Nayla’s demands are never ending.

After few years of marriage Nayla meets Rehan who is exactly what Nayla is been looking for. Nayla starts extra marital affair with Rehan. She crosses the limit with Rehan in their relationship. When she asks Rehan to marry her and says she is going to leave her husband. Rehan says he was just passing time and insults her. Now she she understand real face behind Rehan and tries to return to her husband but it is too late all is lost.



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