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An extraordinary tale of endurance, passion and destiny; No one knows what the future holds for the characters of this story but surely the lead protagonist Najaf will find her destiny eventually having been sacrificed so much. Najaf hails from a humble background. She is living in a modest environment with her father Quddos, step mother Khalda and two little sisters in Hyderabad. The story kicks off on a high note where she is being rusticated from her college despite being a brilliant student. The reason behind her expulsion is a handsome young owner of college Sikandar. Out of nowhere, she was forced to get into altercation with him over trivial issue which wasn’t supposed to be the way it happened. In fact, out of jealousy, Najaf s class mates trapped her in this scenario. Devastated Najaf gets back to home only to see her step mother khalda arguing that she will move in her brother s house the moment Quddos leaves the country for a job in Middle East which will help the family to make both ends meet. From here, Najaf s story of hardship starts, first of all she is forced to leave her inherited house in Hyderabad and move in Karachi to find a new home where she has to live with her middle class uncle Rashid (Mammu), aunty and cousins

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