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Naz, a recent graduate from the police academy, holds an exemplary record, having excelled at the top of her class. Her approach to life is marked by dedication, ambition, and an unwavering adherence to the established norms, a commitment she seeks to mirror in her law enforcement role.

On the flip side, Amir, a veteran detective, is known for his knack in always apprehending his targets. His methods sharply contrast Naz’s, characterized by an aggressive and unyielding demeanor, unhesitant to bend the rules to achieve his goals. He operates independently, embodying a lone wolf persona. Their partnership, initiated by their captain for an intricate undercover mission targeting Tariq Kosouglu, a dangerous mafia figure posing as a fish distributor, is met with discontent from both Naz and Amir. Tasked with assuming the roles of newlyweds residing across the street, the unlikely duo, harboring mutual disdain, surprisingly manages to earn Tariq’s confidence amidst their persistent conflicts.

However, a remarkable twist unfolds during the final stages of the operation: amidst their growing animosity, Naz and Amir unexpectedly find themselves falling in love with each other. This unforeseen turn of events triggers an unraveling of the meticulously laid plans, jeopardizing the entire mission.