Actor in law


Actor in law


Actor in Law; revolves around a passionate honest person who wants to become a film superstar, however he is laced with the stigma of dark complexion and is rejected by everyone including his own father.

Frustrated with the never-ending rejections, he ventures onto something so bizarre that it looks real as well as ridiculous.
It is a journey of a young dreamer, who begins to change and affect the system and society around us as he gathers immense support from common people. His deeds lead him to a deadly crossroad where his only saviors are his aging realist father and his supporters across the country.It is first and foremost the clash — and later the convergence — of dreams and reality. It is where comedy meets morality and comic sense converges into common sense!
Its narrative is laced with humor and romance that borders on social satire and moral relevance. It is about acknowledging that we can change society not only by revolution but also by rectifying small things that make up our mundane routines for it is a small flap of a butterfly’s wing that leads to a hurricane. The story provokes us to look at our social life with a different perspective and rinse out the toxicity that stagnates us.

cast & crew

  • Fahad Mustafa

    Shaan Mirza

  • Mehwish Hayat

    Meenu Screwala

  • Om Puri

    Rafaqat Hussain

  • Aly Khan

    Mudasar Sultan

  • Saboor Ali

    Shabana Mirza



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